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By twacupunctureclinic, Dec 8 2019 08:29PM

We tend to find ourselves rushing around and being much busier than normal at this time of year, even though the winter is actually supposed to be a time of rest. So I thought I would do something for the New Year to help people reconnect with themselves after the indulgent and busy holiday time.

I will be offering a 4 week course of Acupuncture and Meditation to be started in January. The Acupuncture sessions will help cleanse and strengthen your body after the holidays and help keep your immune system up through the cold season. The meditation element of the sessions will help you reach a deeper level of relaxation during the Acupuncture treatments, but will also teach you some basic skills for you to meditate on your own. Both Acupuncture and meditation can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety, leaving us better able to deal with all thatlife throws at us.

The sessions will cost £50 per week for 4 weeks. This special price is available for all bookings made during December for January next year. It could also make a wonderful christmas present for someone.

If you would like to find out more, or to book please contact me on 07414 025 925.

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