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January Cleanse

By twacupunctureclinic, Dec 12 2018 12:31PM

Christmas is a time to share with our loved ones, and is often much busier than we would like, trying to see all the people that we don't normally get the chance to see, and to share food and time together. As a result December is normally a month of over indulgence. This can leave us feeling fatigued and unhealthy come January.

As I have talked about preciously, it is important for our health to follow the seasons. This means that during the winter period it is best to go to bed early and wake fairly early, to go into hybernation mode. It is ideal if we can eat more green leafy veg, and warming foods. We need to wrap up warm, and in particular to make sure that our head, neck and feet are kept warm. By staying in line with the seasons, it means that our body remains strong and is better equipped to fight off any bugs that are floating around.

I am aware that this advice can be particularly difficult to follow with all of the christmas parties etc, so this is just a note to be as mindful as possible and where possible try and help yourself through the holiday season.

If you know that your body will be taking a bit of beating over the holidays and would like to book in a session for January to help cleanse and restore your body and mind, you will receive a 10% discount if you use the code JANCLEANSE when you make your booking before 24th Dec 2108.

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