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Acupuncture on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning

By twacupunctureclinic, Feb 9 2017 03:36PM

Acupuncture was discussed on the Chris Evans Breakfast show this morning, and it was interesting because they discussed the distinction between Acupuncture which is administered by Doctors, physios etc and Acupuncture that is administered by professional Acupuncturists who have studied Chinese Medicine. This is an important distinction to make especially for people who don't know that much about acupuncture. The acupuncture that you receive from a Doctor or physio etc is only a very small part of Acupuncture which has been adopted by the West, it is often termed as dry needling. This doesn't mean that the rest of acupuncture is "wet" needling. It basically means that a needle is inserted into a point of pain/discomfort with the intention of stimulating the muscle and releasing the tension. From a Chinese Medical perspective this is called an Ashi point, and is a very small part of Acupuncture as a whole. An Acupuncturist who has studied Chinese Medicine will be treating the individual in a much more comprehensive way. Therefore one would expect the results of the course of treatment to be far reaching and long lasting. For more information on this please feel free to contact me.

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